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Polar Bears loves Czech people, Samosebou!

On 24th March we launched the first part of a new TV campaign aimed at raising awareness and ecouraging waste sorting. Eko-Kom's polar bear's embrace is the first in a planned series of videos as well as other media outlets.

The campaign expands on the idea that waste sorting is helping preserve and protect nature. The main character of the TV commercial is a polar bear who appreciates the fact that Czech people are among the best in Europe in waste sorting.

You are going to meet the bear not only in the video, as we make use of the samosebou.cz online platform and devised an interactive experience for  visitors in the form of waste calculator, which further supports and emphasizes the message communicated in the campaign. Waste calculator visitors will also find clear and fun facts about waste sorting presented in the form of illustrated info-graphics on the website. Everything is of course linked with social media.

Check out the video on the link below and find out how the bear is doing to thank you for sorting and recycling!