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Pride and Prejudice: Shifting Mindsets in an Age of Uncertainty

The new Prosumer Report is out. The survey is called Pride and Prejudice: Shifting Mindsets in an Age of Uncertainty.

In a world scarred by crisis and uncertainty, people are turning toward values and symbols of the past. Rather than focusing on globalism, accessibility, diversity, and other more modern ideals, many are turning inward and seeking the security of the familiar, including patriotism and its more fanatical sibling, nationalism.

Download the new Prosumer Report HERE.


The Era of Food Concern

In February 2016, Havas Worldwide partnered with Market Probe International to survey 11,976 men and women aged 18+ in 37 markets to study leading influencers and market drivers - Prosumers. They influence the brand choices and consumption behaviors of others.

See the latest Prosumer report Eaters Digest - The Future of Food HERE.


Gilles Bérouard

Managing Director, Havas Worldwide Europe, and CEO Havas Worldwide New Europe

Gilles’s 25-year career in marketing and communication consultancy has been characterized by a successful track record of entrepreneurship, business development. Gilles founded in 1994 Havas Worldwide in Prague, and later became the CEO for Eastern Europe and through unprecedented new business wins and a series of start-ups and acquisitions, captured markets opportunities and managed outstanding growth. Under his leadership the agency has grown from a three-person start-up to the market leader, No.1 integrated communication agency, succeeding to be on the Agency of the Year podium for 11 consecutive years, and Agency of the Decade at the Effies.

Martin Pavlíček

Co-Managing Director Havas PR Prague

Martin has a 10+ years of experience in various communication fields on the corporate side. He holds a title of bachelor in Mass Media and Communication and a master degree in PR and professional Communication from the University of New York in Prague. Recently he has concluded his MBA studies in marketing at the same school. His communication career includes the following job positions: 

  • Corporate communication director at UPC Czech republic (2014) and at Unipetrol, a.s. (2011 – 2013) where he was responsible for the entire communication mix starting from media relations, public affairs and coordination of b2b and b2c marketing campaigns to internal communication and corporate social responsibility.

  • Spokesman and social media manager at ČEZ, a.s.(2008 – 2011) where he was working on the entry of the company to social media sphere and on various communication topics such as crisis communication and electricity theft, electric cars, charging stations and smart grids. He was also dedicated  spokes person for Central Bohemia and the subsidiary ČEZ Prodej, responsible for b2b and b2c sales of electricity. Responsible for implementation of sponsoring and CSR projects for Central Bohemia.

  • Internal communication specialist at ČEZ, a.s. (2005-2008) responsible for internal marketing campaigns, development and centralization of internal communication tools for whole group.

  • Martin cooperates with the Mass Media and Communication Faculty of University of New York in Prague where he lectures the class of Advanced PR.

Michal Vlasák

Co-Managing Director Havas PR Prague

Michal has an 11-year experience in the Czech PR industry. Before that he was devoted to Public Relations academically on the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University Prague. He used to work as an editor and reporter in the best selling Czech daily news MF Dnes, as well as in major online daily news iHNed.cz. As an Account Manager in agencies T.T.V. Public Relations and MediaTrust Communications Michal gained experiences while leading PR projects for variety of clients: Tipsport, Brno trade fairs, MakroCash & Carry, music TV Óčko, Ministry of Health, Ministry for Regional Development, City of Prague or Prague International Marathon.

He has joined Havas PR team (formerly EURO RSCG PR) in April 2007 to realize PR projects for Komerční banka, AvionShopping Park, Czech Association of Coaches, Ministry of Transport, Jobdaysjobfair, TNT Express, CEVA logistics, HRG or Regus. His current main clients are Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile, Westinghouse, Ekokomand Transparency International. His long term specializations are media relations and corporate communications.

PROSUMER REPORT - hashtag nation

Meet the Selfie Generation: Insights from the latest Prosumer Report

The days of the rebel without a cause are gone. Today’s young people are hackers, not revolutionaries, more interested in driving incremental change than rejecting authority. What does that mean for marketers? We surveyed more than 10,500 people around the world. have a look at our findings by download the full report on this link: www.prosumer-report.com


The New Consumer and the Sharing Economy

Seventy percent of the 10,574 people surveyed around the globe believe that overconsumption is actually putting our planet and society at risk. Half say they could happily live without most of the items they own. And two-thirds make it a point to rid themselves of unneeded possessions at least once a year.

In the just released report, The New Consumer and the Sharing Economy, Havas Worldwide explores the coming wave of “smarter” consumerism that promises to significantly alter our economic models and the roles brands are expected to play.

DOWNLOAD the report via our Prosumer blog

Eda Kauba

Eda Kauba - Chief Creative Officer

Eda Kauba studied graphic design at Hellichova technical college and journalism at Charles University. Before joining Euro RSCG (now HAVAS), Eda worked for eight years as a creative director of the British advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi, where he was a member of the international team working in London for brands like Toyota and P&G. He is the brain behind many successful campaigns that have won creative awards such as: "Tariff Epidemic" for T-Mobile, "You don’t think-you will pay" for Besip, "If you love her, there’s no problem" for Kofola, "The shot that was never taken" for ČHV, and "Personification of products” for KB. At Havas, he now leads the twenty members of his creative team. He was asked to be a member of the jury of international advertising festivals like Eurobest, ADC of Europe, the Golden Drum and others. He also became chairman of the jury of the festival of the Art Directors Club of Europe in Barcelona, ​​Zlatý klínec in Bratislava and the Red Apple in Moscow. He has received several dozen international awards for creativity - Cannes Lion, New York Festival, Eurobest, Epica, the Golden Drum, Shark Awards to cite but a few. In 2010 he received the Art Directors Club Czech Republic award for his personal contribution to Czech advertising and became one of the most respected personalities in the Czech advertising industry.

Ondřej Fiala


Ondrej’s career in the communication industry spans since 2001 and he has been with Havas Worldwide for this long, graduating from Charles University after having already started at the agency. Over the past 6 years he has been running the Financial Services division as Senior Brand Director, managing banking, insurance, and building society accounts such as Komercni Banka, Ceska pojistovna, and Modra Pyramida. Ondrej has successfully built strong relationships with all his clients, and producing winning campaigns that were awarded gold at the Effies on numerous occasions. While this is currently his core category, Ondrej has worked on a wide spectrum of clients in the automotive industry (Citroen, Peugeot), FMCG (Bongrain), and retail (Delvita). He is also well versed in all communication disciplines and has a strong through-the-line strategic approach, and specializes in repositioning and rebranding of major brands, having experience in both local and international brands.

Monika Hubner

Senior Brand Director

Monika has been working in the advertising industry for over 15 years. She joined Havas WW Prague in 2006, in charge of new business development. She specialises in strategic planning and management of brands in the field of FMCG and telecommunications. In the past, she was the Regional Manager (16 countries) for development and coordination of FMCG brands in the field of personal care and foods. At present, she manages a team focusing especially on delivering effective communication solutions with an emphasis on ROI, utilising both tactical campaigns and long-term marketing and communication concepts.  Monika has experience with new brand introduction to markets, both local and international, as well as with brand re-positioning, rejuvenation and portfolio building for local brands. Monika believes that what really matters and delivers success to her clients is a close relationship based on enthusiasm for the brand, mutual trust and a drive to win together.

Prosumer Report – Aging

Prosumer Report – Aging: Moving Beyond Youth Culture

Havas’s global study debunks widespread myths about aging
Over the last year, the world’s population has bounded past 7 billion. And it’s not just because more babies are being born; people are also sticking around longer. In fact, an estimated 6.9 percent of the world’s population is age 65 or older. This rapidly growing population of elders will have important implications for marketers in industries as diverse as finance, healthcare, food and beverage, automotive, and home furnishings.

You can download the full report by clicking on this link: http://www.prosumer-report.com/blog/category/aging/


Gender Shift: Are women the new men?

This report provides insights into evolving attitudes and perceptions of gender in a “post-feminist” world—and how men and women are coping with the continued blurring of gender roles.

You can download the full report by clicking on this link: http://www.prosumer-report.com/blog/category/gender/


Millenials: The Challenger Generation

This report provides insights into today’s teens and young adults—a generation so large and influential that it promises to change how we live, work, and communicat.

You can download the full report by clicking on this link: http://www.prosumer-report.com/blog/category/millenials/


Digital and the new consumer

This report explores the uneven transition from e-commerce to m-shopping as consumers take digital a step further. The year 2001 was pivotal for Havas Worldwide: It was the year we started tracking an emerging cohort we call Prosumers. These smart, proactive shoppers were among the most enthusiastic adopters of new technologies, and they were well ahead of the curve in using newly available digital tools to gain an edge at retail.

You can download the full report by clicking on this link: http://www.prosumer-report.com/blog/category/digital-and-the-new-consumer/



Who has the most power to effect change today? If you think it’s the world’s political leaders, you’re in the minority. According to our latest global study, the single greatest agent of change is “the people, empowered by social media.” It’s part of a shift that is seeing the responsibility for solving our most pressing challenges shared not just by the world’s governments, but also by citizen-consumers and businesses. 

Click on this link to download the full report: http://www.prosumer-report.com/blog/category/communities-and-citizenship/

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Creative Business Idea

Creative Business Ideas®

Great ideas win. They sink their claws into slippery attention spans and don’t let go. They erupt and disrupt. They change how people think and influence what people do. Increased competition, saturated markets, and sliced-and-diced audiences demand that brands create constant engagement and build real lasting connections with consumers. The best way to build those connections is to bring to life an idea so powerful it is capable of persuading consumers to actively pursue a relationship with the brand, not vice versa. That is why we believe in and dedicate ourselves to Creative Business Ideas®. Three proprietary tools feed into this development: Prosumer analysis for consumer insight, Brand Momentum for brand insight and Decipher for category insight. These tools enable us to develop and implement ideas that meet our exacting criteria: to be transformational and drive profitable growth. To transcend media. And to be adaptable to both traditional and emerging formats. At their best, Creative Business Ideas® don’t only change how consumers view a company, but how a company views itself, removing burdensome constraints and offering the business new spaces to explore and grow.

Our health

‘My Body, Myself, Our Problem: Health and Wellness in Modern Times.’

Based on our global survey of 7,213 adults in 19 countries around the world, our study has uncovered a revolution in attitudes toward health, led by Prosumers, that holds important implications for brands and marketers.

You can download the full report by clicking on this link: http://www.prosumer-report.com/blog/category/health_and_wellness/

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Social Business Ideas™

Social Business Ideas™

The two biggest trends impacting business today are social responsibility and social media. They are often treated separately, but they are in fact inextricably linked. Even before the current economic turmoil, business was moving toward greater social responsibility. Then, as the global economic crisis worsened, social media helped the world see the true cost of the ruthless pursuit of profit and its impact on economies, people, and the planet. Now, people can find out anything about a company or brand and share it with one another, fast and far. Social media gives people the power to support companies that are socially responsible and to punish those that aren’t. That’s why it’s time to generate strategic ideas that put social responsibility at the heart of business strategy. We call these Social Business Ideas®, because they make a positive contribution to both society and to a company’s profitability. They are ideas that embrace a genuine, credible role for the company and tackle the social issues that consumers care about. A strong Social Business Idea® becomes a rallying cry for the entire company, embracing all stakeholders inside and outside the organization. The successful business of the future will do well by doing good.

Brand Momentum

Brand Momentum

Brand Momentum is a tool we developed from the political polling arena, because it often occurs that candidates who are perceived to be leading become the choice of undecided voters. And so it can go with brand consideration.

By tracking the changing momentum of clients and competitors’ brands, including measures of dynamism and trust, we are able to craft more effective strategic plans and anticipate challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.



Decipher is a methodology we refined from semiotics: the study of visual and verbal signs and cultural cues. We use it to decode past and present communications within targeted brand categories, in order to identify and act on emerging shifts. By using this proprietary methodology, we continually unearth fresh cues that allow us to think in new ways.

Prosumer Pulse

Prosumer Pulse

People talk about brands. At Havas Worldwide we identified a desirable group of consumers who talk about brands a lot and who wield influence over the brand choices of others. We call them Prosumers. Our research shows that what these men and women are thinking, feeling, saying, and buying today is a good indication of where mainstream consumers will be in 6 to 18 months. Prosumer Pulse allows us to continuously tap into a global qualitative study involving tens of thousands of consumers around the globe, enabling us to anticipate shifts in attitudes and behaviors before anyone else.