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We work hard and dream big

Havas Worldwide Prague aims to be the best company at creating meaningful connections between people and brands using creativity, media and innovation. The leading communication agency in the Czech Republic has been on the Agency of the Year podium for the last 12 years and is the most awarded agency in the history of Effies. We provide marketing, advertising, digital, social media, public relations, event management, retail marketing, packaging and design solutions to clients, including Amnesty international, Bernard, Citroën, Eko-kom, Grévin, Husqvarna, National Museum, Pernod Ricard, Peugeot, Prague Information Services, Sanofi, Savencia, T-Mobile, Unibail Rodamco and Unicef. We excel in delivering Creative Business Ideas® that take our client’s business strategies to all new levels, to drive profitable growth.



We offer our clients a fast-moving, forward-facing, global digital network, with unparalleled capabilities in creativity, communications planning, and data-driven insight, founded on a heritage and track record of delivering best-in-class direct marketing.



The essence of Havas Worldwide's approach to social media: The power of real-time interactivity allows us to work at the nexus of ingenuity, responsibility and creativity. Our results speak - or connect - for themselves: From the almost budget-less Tck Tck Tck campaign for climate justice that gave rise to a focused global effort, to the Evian Rollerbabies ad, the most downloaded online commercial in history (Guinness Book of Records 2009) with now over 180 million views online and counting. Havas Worldwide's social media focus is about marketing to audiences – but it’s also about creating conversations that millions of people want to be a part of.

Havas Worldwide is digital to its core. The social media revolution has presented us with an unprecedented opportunity to bring together all our expertise and discipline in order to lead in this area.



In today's world, an organization's success hinges on how well it communicates with its most influential audiences, wherever they may be - in government circles, financial centers, the global marketplace, company plants, civil society, NGOs, or newsrooms.

At Havas Worldwide, effective public relations and corporate communications go well beyond advancing corporate reputation and building brand equity. We build, support, and reinforce companies’ and their managers’ relationships with all their partners. We help our clients to identify and understand their most critical audiences and stakeholders - and then we use the power of the media, the Internet, and other communication channels to influence the key influencers within these communities in order to shape opinions, change behaviors, create a call to action, or build a network of allies.



Havas has extensive experience working with retail companies - Carrefour, T-Mobile, Delvita, and Makro Cash&Carry.

Our team maintains their expertise by interacting with market data, running research initiatives, and participating in retail conferences and workshops.  We are accustomed to working in highly competitive markets and we excel in creating strategic approaches and unique creative concepts that achieve our client's goals.


Explore the latest technologies and bring your events to the digital era with us

Events are the best for building relations. Meeting people, networking, sharing emotions, new experiences, new technologies – you have to mix the right cocktail and deliver the message you need. This means we dedicate a creative team to come up with an idea that connects the meaning of the event closely to your brand message and ultimately impresses your target group. We pay close attention to detail, no matter if it's an unusual dinner with your business partners, specialized conference or event opened for the wide public. We have learned to deliver the best events by working for such clients as Google, O2, Komerční banka, Hard Rock Café and Musée Grévin.



Havas Life is an integrated health communications department. With experienced professionals, we offer advertising, public relations, event promotion, digital marketing, direct-to-patient and consulting services. With digital business at our core, we go beyond traditional channels to reach patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

We believe great ideas can come from anywhere or anyone – it’s the core of our Creative Business Ideas®. We craft ideas that cross business channels and customer segments. It means we offer a depth of knowledge, insight, and commitment equal to your brand team. And, it means that we deliver the big idea that cuts across promotional disciplines as the rule rather than the exception. We combine strategic insights with scientific expertise for many specialized health and wellness programs.


Havas Design+ combines global market and local customer insights

We work with a diverse range of global clients that lead in their sectors. What unites the clients we work with is the desire to create progressive design and communications and connect them across audiences and markets.

We add a positive attitude and unrestricted thinking. Your brand will benefit from a uniquely positive design attitude that acts as a guiding vision for us all, generating positive engagement with your audiences. 



Havas Worldwide is a global network dedicated to getting clients to the future first, with a seamless approach to managing global accounts. Beyond integrated marketing communications and pioneering Creative Business Ideas® and Social Business Ideas®, we offer the outstanding capabilities of four global divisions.

With 11.500 employees, 316 offices in 120 cities across 75 countries, Havas brings together specialists in creation, media and data analysis to put communications to work for every aspect of the brand - advertising, marketing, institutional communications, digital and social media.