A 100-year itinerary

The Czech Republic celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. That is a hundred years of stories that often transcend the borders of our small country. Prague is a very popular destination, but it is not enough to encourage visitors to return. For that reason, we wanted to show that the Czech Republic offers enough to last for one hundred years.

We created the “100-year story of the Czech Republic” campaign for Czech Tourism, which focused on presenting destinations linked to the glorious cultural period between 1918 and 1938. The main heroes of our stories were chosen from a selection of locations representing the boom of First Republic architecture. We aimed to showcase them as particularly attractive locations that could stand their own among the great variety of European destinations that compete with us.

The extensive campaign consisted of fifteen key visuals and two videos filmed at almost thirty locations all over the country. We filmed using a drone to create attractive and unexpected shots, creating panoramas over entire areas. Thanks to this, our videos include shots of whole squares, flights over cities, and even Baťa’s lift in action in Zlín. Did you know that it was once used as an office?


“Jizerská 50“ in Google Street View


Havas’ peculiar doorkeeper

Havas Prague

A despised exhibit

Český helsinský výbor

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