Dare to tell the truth

One of the essential ingredients to being meaningful is truth, a concept that is under challenge within society at large.

Truth has been widely undermined by the surge of fake news, clickbait and deepfakes, and yet never has its role been so cruicial to restoring trust.

Truth-telling lays solid foundations for building a relationship based on honesty. People today expect brands to make promises they can keep and embody values they respect. Consumers are better educated than ever before and empowered by social media. They have the power at their fingertips to express and exchange their opinions freely, widely and truthfully, and to promote or punish a brand. They expect brands to go beyond just providing a product or a service: they are looking for authentic connections and experiences.

People want to be told the truth.

Truth should be at the heart of who we are as a company for our people, and as a partner for our clients.

Thanks to our insights, we know that in order for a brand to survive it has to embrace the truth and connect in an authentic way with its customers. Our role as communications experts is more important than ever: we are here to help our clients communicate responsibly and transparently to better engage with their audiences.

Authenticity should drive our day-to day relationship with clients: telling a client the truth about its brands is not always easy but we must dare to do so: it’s our duty. Hearing the truth from a client can at times be difficult, but it is a precious learning allowing us to achieve excellence and grow meaningfully together.

At Havas we strive to be true to our values, to our people and to our clients.


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