Five Lemurs for Havas PR

Our pack of Lemurs has proliferated!

Havas PR team shone once again at the 15th anniversary of the most prestigious PR awards show in the Czech Republic.

The announcement took place in a fully-online ceremony, with our team making it onto the short list seven times, and visiting the virtual podium a total of five times.

Two Golds went to the “Inovartisin, Corporate Food Supplement” project in the Internal Communication category and to the “Escape Mold” project, both in the in the Healthcare category.

We also walked away with a Silver Lemur in the category, Corporate Publishing – Brochures, Bulletins and Newsletters for the project “Main Topic.”

And last but not least, we garnered two Bronze awards – the first for “AXA Health Keeper Smart Blog” in the Corporate Publishing – Blogs category, and the second for “Whitefish to every Living Room” in the Press Conference category.



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