Who is the Havas DJ?

Listening to music at work has scientifically-proven benefits. It improves your mood, the working day passes more quickly, and some parts of the brain even exhibit enhanced activity.

This is why you can hear great music at the reception all day. We want to welcome all of our colleagues, guests, clients, and even the postman each morning and put them in a good mood. But the question remains, who exactly is the Havas DJ?

Well, the Havas DJ is whoever happens to feel like being it. This means that every Friday, someone who doesn’t want to hide their favourite music away in their headphones takes control of the playlist. Someone who wants to teach us a little about their music, introduce us to the latest hits or just entertain us. A person who knows what sort of music will put us in the best mood at the end of the week. We support that person. So every Friday, we turn the music up just a little, prick up our ears, and look forward to whatever beats will be welcoming the weekend this time.


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