A solution that delivers maximum impact for your business top line with minimum impact on the bottom line.

Our proprietary strategic framework optimizes every hour spent, based on the objectives of the project. The process consists of a series of clearly defined steps with singular purpose: delivering exactly what is needed, at the time when it is needed, at an appropriate cost in order for startups to succeed in the short, medium and long term.

ATALANTA consists of four levels of engagement, where the steps are weighted depending on the stage at which the startup is within its business lifecycle. 

Essential, for startups at the very beginning of their journey; 

Growth, for those who know where they are going, but need to figure out how to get there; 

Scale, for companies with a few years under their belt, looking to expand; 

Unlimited, for companies who need a completely bespoke arrangement. 

Every startup has different needs. The levels of engagement have been carefully developed to accommodate these differences while providing the same level of responsiveness and support. 

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