Our mission is to help startups succeed.

Entrepreneurship is the reason for Havas’ existence. It takes its name from its founder Charles Havas, founder of the world’s first news agency in the early 19th century, and the Havas Advertising Company. Such an influence did he have on the early years of the media landscape, that two of his employees would later be inspired to establish their own rival news agencies in the same mold – one of which survives to this day and which we know as Reuters.

This same entrepreneurial spirit is what has driven the Group to continue to grow and evolve over the years to stay relevant; it’s in our DNA, and it is part of or future roadmap for success for ourselves and our partners.  

Havas Startup Accelerator has a singular aim – to help startups navigate and overcome the challenges and complexities of their early business lifecycles by addressing the core issues that make the difference between success and failure. 

ATALANTA: leveraging a top-notch communication team from the get-go

Of the myriad considerations that startups must wrestle with as they bootstrap themselves to life, perhaps the most overlooked of these is communication. Putting together an effective communications team with a proven track record is as fundamental to the success of the business as any other component. But as mainstream advertisers have known for some time this represents an investment with a strong ROI, but that many startups do not consider at their early stages.  

Working with Havas Communication Teams gives startups access to top-notch talent in the field across all disciplines, from advertising to PR, from production to digital and e-commerce, on a plug and play basis, at a cost they can afford, thanks to the unique, proprietary and agile ATALANTA methodology. 

Havas Village: A workspace that fosters collaboration, creativity and innovation 

Startups attract creative, innovative and driven people who are committed to, and passionate about, their work. This creates an environment where everyone thrives on working together and collaborating on a variety of projects, and where people feed off each other’s energy to create fresh ideas.  

The brand new Havas Village, located in Karlin, is where state-of-the-art technology meets modern hybrid office space trends, created to foster innovation and ideas. 

If you are a startup developing a meaningful solution that contributes to enriching our lives and making the planet a better place, join the likes of Spaceflow, NutritionPro, Sens, Investown… there is still space available in Havas Village to accommodate you needs.  

Havas Startup Accelerator: A unique collaboration model for startups in the field of media, communication, data, e-commerce and live experiences 

For startups in the fields above, working with the Havas Startup Accelerator means the opportunity to collaborate immediately on a business opportunity with a first potential client, mentored by the Havas Team.  

The Havas Startup Accelerator is headquartered in Station F, Paris, the largest incubator in the world, where leading entrepreneurs and disruptors are busy creating the future.


The importance of the delivery experience


A solution that delivers maximum impact for your business top line with minimum impact on the bottom line.


Our mission is to help startups succeed.


Success vs. failure. What makes the difference?


An ecosystem that fosters collaboration, creativity and innovation.



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