A treasure hunt for Opavia Zlaté

Opavia Zlaté biscuits are a national Czech treasure; a traditional brand offering a diverse range of wafers and biscuits. However, this is actually quite a challenge when you have to present all of them in just one video. If it is too general, it won’t be entertaining.

The problem is that each product has its own typical consumer. Honza, a student, who regularly buys chocolate-dipped Polomáčené biscuits is different from grandma Jitka, who enjoys her Derby biscuits just like her grandson Kája loves Disko. For this reason, we searched for real-life situations that anyone who has ever bought their favourite Opavia products could relate to. And what did the customers tell us? Opavia biscuits and wafers are so good that they have to hide them! We discovered that everyone has a secret place at home where they stash their favourite biscuits from time to time. Mom hides hers from the children somewhere up high in the kitchen, dad hides his in the garage, and their son hides his under his pillow.

This is how the story of The Little Detective was born. Along with his trusty dog, he uncovers secret biscuit hiding places all around the house so that everyone can enjoy them. We preserved the traditional values of the brand, avoided needless clichés, and provided an insight into real life. In no time at all, Opavia Zlaté moved up the brand popularity rankings. A perfect happy ending.

Go Czechia!

We’re all little rascals… and really cunning ones.


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