ČD’s campaign virally poisoned the Czechia

Our outdoor and online Summer Inspiration campaign for Czech Railways, which was to support 13 regional destinations, and encourage people to travel throughout the Czech Republic, achieved (un)expected success.

Due to the limited possibilities of traveling abroad, we wanted to show that you can enjoy a great holiday with us as well. In the Train by Trip application, would-be travellers could find the most beautiful places in the country, including top tips on the most popular destinations.

We bet on simple rhyming headlines, which played with the contrast of the names of world-famous destinations and seemingly ordinary cities in our country. And then waited for our playful nation to catch on. Catch on it did. Lidovky.cz, deník.cz, Aktuálně wrote about it. Th work was also commented on by competitors in an interview for DVTV. Poets chipped in with a rhymes about their hometowns and villages.

But the biggest buzz was heard on social networks. The well-known Facebook influencer Jakub Horák unleashed a creative parade of rhyming machines in various Czech and Moravian cities. More than a thousand comments from his followers are proof of that.

Twitter posts by journalists from Prima CNN News were again commented on by well-known commentators from Czech dailies. Several politicians took part in poetic works, including Miroslav Kalousek. The mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib, wrote several rhymes to attract tourists to Prague and posted on both Facebook and Instagram. We could not have been more pleased. The total amount of additional earned media was calculated at around CZK1.4 million.

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