There is a bit of Celt in all of us

Havas and the National Museum share a long history, but it doesn’t stretch nearly as far back as the roots of Celtic culture in Bohemia. This means that there is a little bit of Celt in every Czech. And that is a fact.

The La Tène culture is associated with the name of the historically well-known Celts. From the 5thto 1stcenturies BC, their civilization developed to such a level that it laid the foundation for almost all of European culture. The exhibition called The Celts offers visitors an insight into the role of Bohemians in this development, not only into the culture of the ruling elite with their magnificent residences and burial sites, but also into rural settlements.

The popularity of the Celts and how Czechs relate to this heritage gave us an idea for a low-budget video to attract visitors to the newly-renovated National Museum. There is a bit of Celtic in each and every one of us, and everyone can get the full experience at the new exhibit.

Go Czechia!

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