We’re all little rascals… and really cunning ones.

The adult world can be really boring. There isn’t much room for the playfulness, recklessness and mischief that we enjoyed so often when we were little. But what if there was a way of turning back the clock for a while and awakening that little rascal inside of you who makes himself and everyone else laugh with innocent mischief?

Jak v sobě probudit toho malého uličníka nebo uličnici, co jen tak pro pobavení rozesměje sebe i lidi kolem nějakou vykutálenou rošťárnou?

Fidorka decided to build on its strong values by leaving the territory of pampering and intimacy. This just wasn’t right. We discovered that although its customers still have that playfulness and mischief within them even though they have already grown up. In reality, they’re just like Fidorka, which is simply a part and parcel of that good mood and childhood mischief.

We focused on how to awaken spontaneity in people. Their new communication is full of little jokes and pranks, and makes people on all sides smile including Jan Hřebejk, who directed the new series of television adverts. Apart from television, the communication also managed to entertain people in unexpected places and inspired them to not be afraid to release that little rascal inside that has always been there. What mischief customers started creation on the Fidorka Facebook page!

Go Czechia!

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Go Czechia!

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