Football Wednesdays

Football with Havas – the best way to encourage team spirit and build up a thirst!

We can think of more than enough reasons to go for a beer after work. But when you’ve been running with your tongue out for an hour, out of breath since half-time, and you’re trying to score one last goal with the remains of your energy, you become even thirstier.

Glory to the enthusiasts who have contributed to the enhanced overall physique of Havas team members with fierce battles for a round piece of nonsense. The international group including Argentines, Mexicans, Russians, Czechs, a Hungarian, and even one fearless Czech girl, already knows that it makes sense to regularly distract one’s self from stress within the advertising workplace.

We cannot be stopped by grey clouds, or even by hail that leaves different dents in our heads from what we usually receive from the hard football. We weren’t even stopped by the light or heavy injuries we faced, including three ankle sprains, bruised ribs, stretched groins, and a torn meniscus. Grazed knees and aching feet are the least of our worries.

And the final season statistics? 28 games, 38 international players, 163 goals including 8 own goals, hundreds of sweaty jerseys, about 58 lost kilos, litres of endorphins, and endless amazing teambuilding opportunities. And what about the thirst? That was swiftly quenched in the Letná beer gardens. Let’s praise Havas summer football!

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