Zero Waste Week

At Havas Village, we participated in the international campaign Zero Waste Week, which is an entire week dedicated to reducing the production of all unnecessary waste to zero.

As it concerns plastic and other non-recyclable materials, we completely agree with the rest of the world. We have already banned plastic cups at the agency, and the separation of waste is an important matter for us. But we also know that things can always be done just a little bit better. So, we conceived Zero Waste Week as a way of inspiring new standards for treating the natural world in an even more environmentally-friendly manner.

We removed paper cups from the coffee machine, thus forcing everyone to bring their own mug when they go for their daily boost. We calculated that we have saved the planet 1,150 disposable cups in one week. Anyway, coffee tastes much better from porcelain or glass than from paper.

The second step was minimizing the use of paper towels. With each hand wash, we were able to reduce the number of towels used to only one.

Zero waste is not only about waste. It is a lifestyle and a philosophy that says that all resources should be reused, just like in the natural world. This concerns sharing, repairing things that are broken, renovating, and buying fewer things. The girls from Bohemian Wanderer showed us how to make something new from something old in our wardrobe, for example. We swapped our beautiful items of clothing that we wanted to send out on a new mission under the motto of “swap not shop”.

Although we have not yet reached the zero-waste standard of Bea Johnson’s world-famous lifestyle, we have taken one step forward in our awareness of what is truly necessary. Certain things can often be removed very simply. All you need is an open mind, and the desire to be better.

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