Havas works with canvas! An ideal format that draws you in and doesn’t let go!

Anyone who works with social media these days asks the two most important questions: How to engage users and how to attract their attention in any kind of media. We might figured it out with Facebook Canvases.

This format, which has been available on the market for about 5 years, is regularly prepared for our client EKO-KOM, as It is an ideal combination of creativity and education for their followers. We manage to attract the main target and most importantly – keep their attention for much longer, than with other formats that Facebook offers.

Canvases are simply Facebook „microsites“ that allow us to combine simple storytelling, with catchy visuals, videos, photos, short texts and link formats. It is basically a patchwork post that uses and maximizes all features and possibilities that Facebook provides.

That is why, as we use them for EKO-KOM, a. S., Specifically for the infotainment platform Samosebou.cz, they are an ideal intermediary for the dissemination of key messages about recycling and how to correctly recycle your waste. Our goal is to deliver better knowledge in a more attarctive way. We want users to receive better knowledge that motivates them to recycle and answer any questions they may have.

We focused our interest on statistics regarding recycling, on specific raw materials, such as beverage carton, paper or plastic, or on an illustrated overview of household sorting in a unique style created by Samosebou.cz, users have spent on FB canvas on average 52 seconds! Which is much more time than in a ussual post in another format, where the user loses attention after 3-4 seconds!

For the client EKO-KOM, a. S., We managed to create 7 successful canvases by 2022.
The most successful one was “The Diva”, an original illustrated character who has been a special mascot for sustainability and ecological waste management for several years at Samosebou.cz and which we use in infotainment articles. “Diva” first impresses with illustrations created by our creative team, and in the case of this canvas, these illustrations bring users closer and focus on the details of various types of waste we have at home, going room after room, from bathroom to kitchen with tips on how to recycle specific waste. This canvas can be proud of 3,996 clicks and had a reach of 105,417 users!

Bottom line: if you want to deliver content that users like to “scroll” through, try canvas. If you need a team to help you with this task, try Havas! We will help you to prepare and manage your own canvas with amazing results.


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Havas works with canvas! An ideal format that draws you in and doesn’t let go!


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