France is in the air

Just imagine a tricolour sky – blue, white, and red. Air France now flies with these symbols of its indigenous land so that everyone can enjoy at least a little piece of France on board.

Symbols of the country of origin now fly with Air France.

Experience French style first hand by ordering from a menu created by Michelin star chefs. Relish in luxury brands. Simply put, the “art de vivre” or the“art of living” isa typical mindset for the French. Fifteen years after Air France made “the sky the best place on earth”, a new concept was introduced —“Air France, France is in the air”.

So what is it like to fly French-style? Imagine an incredible level of care and high service quality combined with delights for all of the senses. The film, in the style of a retro advertisement, shows a series of elegant, novel and humorous shots with the very best of what France has to offer—a positive, kind and inspiring country that shines through the whole world. In a huge, spacious aircraft, we see a pair of lovers, young ballet dancers, the Tour de France and, of course, a French kiss. The advert was produced by We Are From LA. This young duo, Clément Durou and Pierre Dupaquier, made a name for themselves by collaborating with Pharrell Williams. They are the creative brains behind his smash hit video Happy.

The creative concept from the workshops of Paris’ BETC, adapted in Prague for 15 European markets, works with visuals by the Argentinian photographic duo Sofia & Mauro. They mix the heritage of the past with the present and create an exciting message bursting with French lifestyle. In doing so, they emphasize the company’s services—the comfort of an A380 aircraft, the new First Class, the new Business Class, a gourmet menu and iconic destinations such as Paris, New York, Brazil, China and Japan. All of this oozes with the history of the French Revolution, the era of the Sun King and the atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge, outdoor cafés, haute-couture and the extensive parks and gardens of Paris.

Air France evokes France over the whole world. And now, France is with you, no matter where you are travelling.


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