A stimulating rebrand for cosmetic company SMYSSLY. 

We love the challenge of promoting products and services that have a deeper meaning and story to tell. So when natural cosmetics company SMYSSLY approached Havas, we jumped at the chance to work with them. 

The story behind the SMYSSLY Brand is also the story of Silvia Straková and Cecília Blanárová, a mother and daughter team of entrepreneurs. Having not been able to find what they needed from traditional cosmetics brands, the duo set about developing their own. And so SMYSSLY was born – a range of cosmetics that draws on nature and respects the lifestyles and needs of for women of all ages. 

The Havas team worked on extending their story into the online world, specifically for web and social channels, developing a series of performance campaigns focused on stimulating direct online sales.

 The campaigns focused on bringing to life the stories stories around the SMYSSLY products – history, philosophy and sustainability – the goal being to help consumers navigate the highly cluttered cosmetic landscape. 

The uniqueness of the products – compositions, ingredients, benefits – was communicated via the senses – since the Brand’s name is literally a play on the word “senses.” 

Said Silvia Straková, “We really appreciate the cooperation with the Havas team. It’s unbelievable how they understood the concept and values of the brand exactly from the very beginning. Our initial concerns about whether they will be able to adapt to the needs of a small business have disappeared. Together, we are building the uniqueness of the SMYSSLY brand.” 

Revealing the essence of a brand. The Havas way.


A stimulating rebrand for cosmetic company SMYSSLY. 

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