Havas a EKO-KOM recommend waste separation

Sustainability, ecology, carbon footprint – these are more than just familiar buzzwords in the media and social channels.

Indeed, doing our bit for the planet has never been more important, and EKO-KOM a.s. is a campaigner for this cause in the Czech Republic. 

In line with their ongoing advocacy efforts, the Organization has published a new section in their website to champion all things Eco. 

The new program appears under the banner, “Separating waste is the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint,” and focuses on the small ways in which we reduce our own carbon footprint.  

The easiest of these, of course, is to actively separate our waste. Containers are conveniently located in every neighbourhood, and by doing so, we enable the reuse and recycling of materials and cutting back on energy consumption.  

A new TVC, sponsored by the Espresoo agenc and directed by the talented Adam Martinec shows a character’s experience with their own carbon footprint while on a date in a bar. 

The creative execution is linked back to the website, where visitors can learn about the concepts of or carbon footprint and waste separation.  

Visit the site Samosebou.cz. Help save the planet. 


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Havas a EKO-KOM recommend waste separation


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