Saws and axes in the digital jungle

How do you persuade customers to leave the forest and garden and go online? Husqvarna, an established Swedish brand and the world’s leading producer of garden and logging equipment, is known for its innovations. However, the company needed to apply its progressive approach to the digital world.


To find the right people online, especially if your target group is not spending a lot of time on the internet, is like making your way through thick undergrowth. Luckily, we had the right tools at hand and were able to create content for the new Husqvarna and Gardena websites that attracted the attention of both foresters and gardeners. Website traffic skyrocketed, and we were able to attract new customers apart from the already existing customers.

Since customers expect perfect products as well as outstanding service, we focused on professional community management on social media. In addition to producing quality content, we had to be able to cut through the jungle of expert inquiries, which was highly appreciated by the customers.

Thirdly, we demonstrated to Husqvarna dealers that digital communication can be a huge help. Thanks to the new B2B platform where they can find all the documents they need in one place, they can now invest their spare time and energy into customer care.


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