A festival for the whole family, label or no label

We live in a society where we label each other. Others perceive us through stereotypes based on only one of our characteristics, and in doing so, overlook all the others that are often much more fundamental parts of us. Each of us though, is more than just a single label that somebody else has attributed to us.

Hlavní vizuál

A person is more than just a nerd, a gold-digger, a mama’s boy or gay. None of these labels should define us exclusively, and this also applies to our sexuality. This is why we support Prague Pride.

The main theme of the LGBTQ festival in 2018 was family. Just like everyone else, LGBTQ people grow up in families where they learn behaviour patterns, experience love, acquire social habits, but also sometimes gain their first labels. Thankfully, the label our family, schoolmates or colleagues have given us is not important. Everyone is welcome at the Prague Pride festival, because we, as people, are all equal.


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