Launching a global campaign on 3 continents for Michelin

With 9 R&D centres around the world, 117 production sites in 26 countries, a commercial presence in 170 countries and 124,000 employees worldwide, the Michelin Group is a worldwide leader in tires and sustainable mobility. The brand is the top-selling tire brand worldwide, and the No. 1 source of innovation in the global tire industry.

In addition to tires, Michelin offers unique mobility experiences through road maps, travel itineraries, and hotel and restaurant renowned guides.

Michelin launched a major global communication campaign to support its new “Motion for Life” claim – making people’s lives in motion run smoother and in a more responsible way, whatever way one chooses to move: vehicles both electric and not, city bikes and mountain bikes, commercial airplanes, racing motorcycles, fire trucks and ambulances, school buses and public transportation.

Hercules (Havas Village) was initially tasked to launch the campaign in the first group of 8 tier-one markets across three continents, within a strict timing of 6 weeks from brief to media delivery. What could have been a hazardous and unsafe development – due to highly complex media plans, large number of online and offline channels, differences in clearance and media delivery processes according to markets turned into a safe, well-timed, and orderly delivery.

The Agency activated the full power and flexibility of its always-on line of services and solutions for major global brands, regrouping all of its production services for all media into a single integrated hub, with immediate reactivity and fast turnaround, and fully leveraging its proprietary online collaborative tools connected to an efficient production workflow platform.

Project management excellence. Part of the Havas Village DNA.


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