The Bullet Never Fired

Can we celebrate peace with a killing device? The Bullet Never Fired project showed that this is, in fact, possible. We held an original exhibition for young visitors and foreign tourists at the National Museum to commemorate the Velvet Divorce of Czechoslovakia. The starring role was given not to a symbol of peace, but one of conflict—a bullet.

We placed the monument of the Bullet Never Fired in the location where the state was finally divided: the premises of the former Federal Assembly in Prague, today the New Building of the National Museum.


The display case with this unusual exhibit and an accompanying film about the life and fate of the Bullet Never Fired sparked a lively debate. Positive reactions prevailed. Many found reassurance in the fact that a revolution can take place without blood being spilled. Throughout history, the division of countries has always been synonymous with bad news. This is why the peaceful division of Czechoslovakia deserves to be celebrated.


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