Sorting garbage in heels and a skirt

It only takes a simple role reversal to wreak havoc. Imagine a zoo keeper as a fine dining waiter. Or a butcher performing surgery. Flight attendants collecting garbage. Ridiculous, isn’t it? You bet it is.

Dokonalý servis v letadle vypadá jinak. Ale takové popelářky by si jistě nechal líbit každý.

It was exactly with this in mind that we wrote and filmed a campaign video for EKO-KOM, the operator of a waste separation system.

When everything is in its place, life makes sense. This is the basic idea dramatized in an entertaining mash-up of various professions. Even the waste we sort should find its way into the right container so that it can be recycled and enjoy a new lease on life.

Showcasing a unique juxtaposition of traditional roles broke down the preconception that separating waste is pointless. Our series of videos won so many creative awards, even internationally, that we had to sort them in order of importance. We ranked the gold Epica Award and the bronze Cresta International Advertising Award at the top. They stand proudly on our shelf and remind us once again that our work has greater purpose.


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