JC Gramont

JC Gramont is a man on a mission. After COVID 19 temporarily shuttered his Theatre Royal in Prague, he saw an opportunity to pivot in a different creative direction.

Leveraging his connections in the fragrance and perfume industry, he embarked on a journey to develop a range of organic, sustainable scented hand sanitizers. Once the formula had been signed off on, he then created the prototype dispenser.  

Now he needed an agency that matched his own creativity to take his fledgling idea to the venture capital marketplace.  

Havas very quickly generated a number of storylines for discussion. With the chosen script in hand Havas set about the process of producing a short film to introduce the novel product to the world.  

With a limited budget, Havas had to get inventive. The bulk of the video was shot in the Royal itself and was created entirely in-house by the Havas team. JC Gramont himself provided the voice over in French and English.  

The result is testimony to the resourcefulness of all involved.  

About the company 

JC Gramont is a private Equity organization that was looking to raise funds for their new range of ethical and chic hand sanitizers.  

The product is a cleanser that you can take with you anywhere, looks  

chic and contemporary, is gentle on your hands, completely organic, containing no harmful materials, and above all, was friendly to the environment. 

It is available in a 65ml recycled aluminium dispenser that’s endlessly re-usable thanks to unique glass refills. The glass containers themselves are also recyclable to cut down on waste, and are especially chosen for their formula-preserving qualities.  

The formula itself contains only natural fragrances, organic aloe vera and vegetable glycerine specially formulated to protect hands and skin.  

What the founders say 

I particularly enjoyed the ability of the team to understand the essence of the brand while at the same time being able to face the challenge of creating a great video in a short time with minimum cost. 

Jean Christoph Gramont


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