A breath of fresh air for Lučina

The classic block of Lučina that many of us remember from our childhood has become a victim of its own popularity. The brand’s name became generic, Lučina had become just lučina, and consumers were putting whatever cheaper alternative they found into their shopping baskets.

The generation of women born after the revolution did not grow up to have as loyal of a relationship with Lučina as their mothers. Retro was not the way forward either. Lučina needed to hit the Refresh button.

We outfitted Lučina with an inspiring new communication strategy to reach women across generations. The messages were shaped with an optimistic perspective: How to maintain your identity in this dynamic world? How important it is to have your feet firmly grounded, yet never forget to dream? How to find your way out of the city in this hectic world? How to find a moment for yourself, but without having to leave the house?

Presented in the countryside, My moment with Lučina was a theme that breathed fresh air into the brand. It resonated with the generation of Millennials who want to hold onto what is “theirs”, as self- worth is one of their top priorities.

Lučina became a brand “just for me” – a brand that takes care of its consumers and echos their positive attitude towards health and nature.

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