A snack as natural as playtime

It’s uncommon for the most expensive brand to be the market leader. This is, however, the case with Pribináček thanks to its communication strategy. Years invested in brand support are paying off and the manufacturer does not need to resort to reducing the packaging size or the quality of the product.

The latest video for Pribináček also works with the “brand hit”, which was written in the 70s by Jaroslav Uhlíř for the legendary film Long Live Ghosts!Even without words, everybody knows what the “Spring of Health from Posázaví” is. The new version for Pribináček was recorded by an orchestra conducted by Michal Novinski.

The storyline offers nothing new. Children are making mud pies with the help of their furry friend who is eating from a tub of Pribináček. The only difference is that they no longer ask, “So where is the calcium?”. The emphasis moves to playtime and fresh air.

With this, we provide a link to the roots of the brand that emerged in a time when there was no television or internet, and a simple piece of wood could lead to a fierce game of Cowboys and Indians. This is exactly what we wanted to communicate to modern mothers— that high-quality, healthy, pure food will make children happy.

Go Czechia!

Ale, but Ale


Make way for Aroma

Go Czechia!

A legend that modernizes nostalgia


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