The greater the passion, the greater the joy

Jan Becher, founder of Karlovarská Becherovka, was a true pioneer - innovative, original and passionate. These characteristics have always resonated with young people, as creativity and passion are timeless.

To match this theme, we created a video concept based on the personality of Jan Becher, a person who always put in 100 percent. His enthusiasm led him to create timeless works with the potential of enduring – just like the iconic Becherovka liqueur bottle. We presented the campaign and his personality in a setting from the first half of the 19th century, combined with contemporary features like modern outfits, trendy haircuts and the language of today.

This led to the creation of an original and visually progressive concept that brought the Becherovka brand back into the eyes of the younger generation. Jan Becher’s inspiration and passion lives on just like the liqueur of his namesake.


Insect heroes for clean nature


A despised exhibit

Český helsinský výbor

A festival for the whole family, label or no label

Prague Pride

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