When retro teams up with nostalgia

Cheese. A beloved, yet often misunderstood component of our diets. It has been both slandered and praised in society with many questioning how healthy it really is. So, what is the truth? For mothers, the answer is clear: cheeses were, are, and always will be a kitchen staple.

Returning to our childhood feels nostalgic in many ways. The moment we have our own children, we experience for ourselves all of the thoughts and concerns that our mothers faced. We lovingly revisit these memories when drowsily getting our children’s lunches packed.

It is said that memories are strongest when linked with emotions. Everyone is reminded of the atmosphere of home by something different. Sometimes it is a smell, sometimes it is our favourite music. But there are some certainties that are still very much alive for that generation of women around the age of 35. The campaign for Apetito made full use of that. The golden oldie by Hanka Zagorová, “Studánko stříbrná”, elegantly takes us back to the atmosphere of the 70s. Though we don’t remember a lot from then, it was the time when we could first use spreadable cheese at home. Nothing has changed to this very day. Together with the famous director Roman Valenta, we enjoyed this.

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