The Game of Apples

At the beginning of the summer, Magnesia mineral water introduced a new refreshing flavor: pomegranate. Once again, the apple had not fallen far from the tree!

The new flavor fully complements the portfolio of existing flavors that combine the benefits of naturally-sourced mineral water, Vitamin B and delicious fruit flavors.

Our task was to support a TV campaign with a typical RED spot activation in the online environment. We took advantage of the opportunity by building the communication around the popular adage  “The apple never falls far from the tree” and focused on three main pillars: social network platorms Facebook and Instagram, a banner campaign on the most visited Czech websites and also a playful game. It took place on a dedicated landing page, which we developed specifically for this purpose.

In the game people could win an iPad, HBO GO subscription and 60 1.5l bottles of Magnesia RED pomegranate. In total, we earned over 1.2 million views across Facebook and Instagram, exceeded 350,000 users in reach, and received over 1,600 completed contest forms.

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Go Czechia!

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