An AR filter for sensitive teeth

Do your sensitive teeth ruin Christmas for you? With Sensodyne toothpaste, you can enjoy all the festive treats you can eat, pain-free. You can also do it twice, once in the real world and again through a Facebook filter. Get to know the first interactive Czech game in augmented reality!


The aim of this new, purely digital campaign was to reach out to younger women who feel at home on social networks, who are interested in health and beauty topics, who follow their favourite celebrity personalities, and who enjoy playing online games.

With the help of well-known influencers and dental hygiene workers, we circulated a game on social media in which you had to catch as many treats as possible by moving an open mouth. You could also challenge your friends to beat your score.

Thanks to its success, gift vouchers for Sensodyne ran out quicker than Christmas cookies.

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Go Czechia!

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Charger: a digital lifestyle mag


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