Chat with CO-BOT-19 about Coronavirus

How would you share up-to-date information about the current coronavirus status in the Czech Republic? Ideally on a platform used by more than 5 million people in the country, which according to the latest official figures – is Facebook!

Two Digital team members, here at Havas, put their heads together to reflect on how to help disseminate and spread relevant information about the virus COVID-19 to a wider audience. Not all generations are inclined to read news articles, watch television or listen to radio but statistics show, there’s a large population following on social mediaso it seemed the obvious place to target.  

Over the weekend, the Havas team, designed, wrote, programmed and launched a Facebook chat under the name Co-Bot 19. Virtual chatbot is an informal and conversational platform, unlike the traditional news outlets. It’s here to keep people informed in a fun way; making sure to utilise the famous emojisAs well as a communication platform, which provides tips and activity examples to help people combat the inevitable boredom, Co-Bot 19. would like to draw peoples attentions to the magnitude of the situation, and the potential risks people face if not following protocol.  

The girls did a great jobhopefully, their initiative will help connect people during this time of uncertainty and ultimately help save lives!  


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