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Everyone knew about it in the mid-90s. Advertisements for the mobile plan Twist could be found on every corner. But try reciting their former slogan “Don’t get tied down, set yourself free” to teenagers today, and they’ll look at you like you were a phone with buttons. Yet, a prepaid calling card is the perfect product for youngsters.

After several years of lacklustre communication, T-Mobile wanted to restore Twist to its former glory. In the meantime, people’s relationship with mobile phones had changed fundamentally: both young and old are now practically glued to them – in bed, in the metro, even on the toilet. You can see them tapping away on them everywhere they go. They can’t even jog without taking a photo and sharing it right away. Mobile phones have become our new pets.

The new communication for Twist is based exactly on that. We gave it the role of a cute pet that has to be looked after and fed, obviously, with credit top-ups. Thus, the campaign was born: TWIST. FOOD FOR YOUR MOBILE PHONE.

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