24,000 drinks. A party that really went out with a bang!

Just imagine being the new kid in school and you’re planning a party at exactly the same time as the most popular kids. On top of this, you won’t be able to provide any refreshments or free drinks. However, you would like as many friends as possible to come and stay for as long as possible. Jack Daniel’s, a company that has been serving festival-goers for years at the largest Czech music festival, Colours of Ostrava, found itself in a similar situation.

The number of festivals is growing, festival-goers are spoiled with options, and brands are literally fighting over every single customer with merchandise, gifts, attractions, lower drink prices, and even free drinks.

During our cooperation with Jack Daniel’s, the brand happened to be celebrating their 150thanniversary. We took advantage of this opportunity by creating a special zone at Colours of Ostrava that allowed visitors to participate in the birthday celebrations for this American distillery. The feelings of positivity and belonging which people usually have at birthday parties were a strong motivation for customers to visit the zone, which led to higher drink sales. The sales were one third higher than in the previous year, with the actual number being 6,000 additional drinks! All it took was four days and just a single, solitary bar.

So, happy birthday Jack!


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