TopNatur has chosen Havas Digital

TopNatur food supplements may have bee around 1996, but our path together has just begun, with our recent appointment design and implement their new communication strategy.

Havas Digital put forward a comprehensive 360° communication strategy for TopNatur, including online, social media and traditional PR. We also prepared a completely new creative solution aimed at bringing the brand and its products closer to customers. Both appealed to the company and we won the tender.

Our cooperation with TopNatur began with the autumn wave of the ColonFit campaign, a 100% natural product supporting digestion and a healthy gut. It was clinically tested on Czech patients with excellent results. Our aim was to also deliver great results, so we engaged a matrix of digital and other tools to reach the market with an all-embracing communication thrust.

Due to the breadth of the target group, we opted for an active as well as passive media strategy, which meant that in addition to segmented communication on social media, we will also involve contextual advertising in the content network and in search engines.

Continuous support is also provided by our colleagues from Havas PR, who make sure that journalists receive a regular dose of interesting and educational materials and take it as they should.


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