Speeding up with Verva

We’re jump-starting our social media campaign for the renowned Benzina Petrol Station Chain, which announced its return to the Slovak market.

Last year Benzina, the Czech petrol station market leader, returned to Slovakia after a 15 year break. Our task was to put the brand back at the forefront of the minds of our eastern neighbours with the help of the social networks.

We dusted off the Benzina Facebook Profile Page, and set up a brand new Instagram account, where we began to introduce new products and services, as well as to communicate public competitions. Fans were also compete on the VERVA CZ Instagram account – a win for both Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Imagine the following situation: you’re ordering a taxi, and instead of the usual run-of-the-mill pick-up, your ride turn out to be a Porsche 911.

This was precisely what awaited participants in the “Verva Tago” competition (tago = slang word for taxi), which was organised in conjunction with Liftago.

So successful was this campaign, that Benzina went a step further, and offered fans a chance to actually win the Porsche. Aside from a chance to win the Porsche, there was a secondary competition where the prize was a stylish Vespa scooter.

Our work on the VERVA CZ Instagram account is all about creating closer bonds and new relationships between premium fuel and consumers. In one example, we focused on the world-famous Dakar Rally, where Martin Prokop flew the in Benzina colours.

In a few short months our cooperation with the erstwhile Czech fuel supplier will reach the one year mark. Benzina has big plans for Slovakia, and we’ll be with them for the ride in 2020.


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