Unexpected Shopping

How do you handle a campaign for several countries and dozens of shopping centres using 7 visuals, 137 looks, 20 customized designs, 29 models, 84 pairs of shoes, 6 pineapples, and 1 Japanese sword?

Shopping is one of mankind’s greatest passions, regardless of nationality. People like to relax while shopping, and a lot of them admit that it improves their mood and boosts their self-confidence. The range of shopping opportunities is constantly expanding, and with it, the struggle for customer loyalty.

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield supports the unique nature of its shopping centres across Europe with an original advertising campaign called Unexpected Shopping. The visual style and distinct slogan show individual centres as places that offer surprises beyond regular shopping, whether because of stylish surroundings, exclusive brands, premium services, attractive accompanying programmes or first-rate customer care.

The “unexpectedness” is rendered by individual services or current events thanks to the playful and imaginative interactions between models and objects. The universal concept reaches out to women, men, children, teenagers and even senior citizens, and at the same time preserves the intrinsic identity of each centre.


A stimulating rebrand for cosmetic company SMYSSLY. 

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Ahmad Tea

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Zalando Lounge

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