Younger audience through influencers

To attract a younger audience to Jacobs brand we utilised a group of social media influencers. The most creative ones were then invited to a coffee workshop with our client Jacobs to learn how to combine coffee with desserts.

We were recently appointed to support Jacobs with the rollout of their new Specialties product range, across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The prime objective of the campaign was to attract a new, younger audience to the global brand. As part of a summer campaign that culminated with an event held at EXPO 58, we decided to utilise a group of young social media influencers, to build engagement and trust into the Jacobs brand. Nine winners of our “foamy competition”, authors of the most creative posts, were invited to the experiential workshop.

When picking a venue for hosting the Jacobs’s event, we didn’t have to look far as EXPO 58 was a fantastic match. Once a high-end café which served Prague for a number of years, today our office occasionally used for social functions. Many stakeholders were involved to ensure it was a success including gourmet chefs, entertainment and of course the influencers themselves.

The programe was really packed. In the first part, we introduced a confectionery star and blogger to the winners. The participants gotchance to not only discuss about desserts but also try to decorate their own corpus in practice and then combined the results with new flavors of Jacobs coffee: chocolate, vanilla, cappuccino, chocolate cream with Baileys and salty caramel ice cream.

Then food photographer revealed tips and tricks of foodstyling and for getting great food shots. He showed to winners how to take the best picture on Instagram and thus make their profiles more attractive. The participants took pictures of their own decorated desserts and of course immediately posted on Instagram. 

A lecture by Jacobs Quality Manager who extolled everyone on the virtues of quality in coffee selection and preparation wrapped up the day.  


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