Insect heroes for clean nature

Yes, Czechs really are great at sorting waste – among the best in Europe in fact. In our new campaign for EKO-KOM we emphasise the value of separating waste and why it’s really necessary to do it everywhere: so that we have clean nature and a sustainable environment. In other words, the most important thing we all need for life.

For our online videos we selected three heroes from the insect kingdom: a ladybird, an ant and a dung beetle. They have to cope with paper, glass and plastic dumped in pristine countryside.

Our aim is to appeal to irresponsible litter bugs but also to thank those who are considerate when it comes to nature. So we’ve prepared a new section at Samosebou.cz – Clean Nature – that offers beautiful trips around the entire country. We have gone through dozens of wonderful tourist trails, taking photographs of the most noteworthy parts of each of them. And we also made a precise map of collection spots where waste can be sorted. So nobody can ever have an excuse for leaving something in the countryside that doesn’t belong there.


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