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How can we convince everyone, especially young people, to enjoy sorting and recycling their waste? With our client EKO-KOM, we utilized a form of artificial intelligence since this technology is on the rise and can be applied to many things like chatbots.


Throughout our long-term cooperation with EKO-KOM, we had already managed to build a giant user base. However, we were thinking about how to connect to more people, especially younger ones. We wanted the outreach to be fun, in one place, and teach them everything they need to know about sorting and recycling waste. Therefore, we reached out to them where they are most active – on Facebook and Messenger. After all, half of the Czech Republic is currently on Facebook, with a good half of active users being young people from 13–35 and with a slight predominance of the fair sex.

In order to provide site visitors with specific information, we decided to take a form of so-called closed communication with virtual experts including the mascots named Tříďa (Sorter) and PEŤka (PET-lady) We divided it into two parts: the breaking down of myths and the test of knowledge with a quiz. Our chatbot uses predefined circuits based on real themes complemented by GIFs, videos and jokes… just as a real person would.

The main advantage of this solution is that it allows us to collect contact information of fans so that we can then continue to communicate with them in a targeted manner.

Anyone who visits the Facebook page or the EKO-KOM website will find a chat window on the right and can proceed.


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