Kinoautomat brings you to the Czech Lion Awards

The creative concept behind this year’s online campaign by Magnesia for Český lev (Czech Lion Film Awards) attempts to engage customers with the help of a mechanism that was inspired by a legendary Czech invention – the Kinoautomat.

At the end of each campaign spot, this year’s main heroine, actress Klára Melíšková, leads the spectator in a fun way to choose the next one. Then the spectator chooses a spot that interests him. As a bonus, the whole mechanism includes so-called “fake leads” (in other words, short original content), which entertains the spectator and entices him towards another “journey” through this year’s commercials.

The goal is of course in the clients’ task, which is to reach the maximum possible number of views of individual campaign spots, of which there are a total of 6.

The creative challenge was to match the setting of the kinoautomat with the main creative tone of the Magnesia “Český lev” campaign and move it another step further. And that, as it seems, has been achieved!

Thanks to the original final shots and our own creativity, which respected and evolved different spots, we moved the whole campaign into online and digital settings. In both settings, we elaborated banners and other formats in a similar spirit as the “audience choice” and curiosity. The whole digi/online campaign peaked during the gala night of the Czech Lion Awards on Magnesia’s Facebook or Instagram pages.


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