Make way for Aroma

L’OR Espresso launched their innovative Aroma Lock technology onto the market. This advanced technique locks in the coffee’s fragrant aroma immediately after being ground and packaged. We prepared a 360° global launch campaign for JDE, both in an online and TVC format.

After receiving global approval, we started with digital communication for all markets and then adapted it to suit local requirements. Formats including the key communication message and layout were designed to ensure they could be localized in a flexible way, ultimately reducing costs.


We simultaneously filmed in two studios for the TVC. A conventional Alexi mini camera and green screen were used in one studio to shoot our heroine and pack shot alternatives for all markets. In the neighbouring studio, we used a high-speed camera attached to a sophisticated motion control system to shoot slow motion shots of coffee beans being ground and roasted. The motion control system let us perform extremely precise camera movements to time the shots at the exact moment when the beans smashed into each other. Scaled models of coffee beans were “ground” in advance and held together with a system of magnets. The illusion captured on camera was seamless and makes the coffee look authentic – as if the aroma was wafting right out of the screen. Tasting it is something you will have to do for yourself, though.


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